Replanning System for Long-Duration Spaceflight


Deep space travel presets a diverse set of challenges. Of significant concern is the time lag in communication between the crew and mission control as the vehicle travels farther from Earth. Currently, ground based mission control is tasked with managing all aspects of flight, including the creation and management of crew flight plans. However, as communication becomes delayed, ground control will no longer be able to perform these duties effectively.


We are proposing the design of a mixed-initiative plan management system to provide crews with greater autonomy in adapting plans to reflect the current state of the mission. This solution will combine optimization, simulation, and human-interaction to allow astronauts to modify their schedules and communicate changes with mission control.


Human Perspective and Design & Development of Interface: Ideation, Observations, Interviews, Storyboarding, Scenario Creation, Prototyping, Wireframing, Usability Testing, Development

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Schedule Overview

Schedule Overview with Dependencies Highlighted

Manual Re-Scheduling - In Action

Automated Schedule Comparison

Manual Re-Scheduling